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Rays has been offering a wide range of high quality medical devices for nearly 30 years. The result achieved is the result of constant attention to the needs of healthcare professionals and to the technological evolution that represent the drivers of its research and development activity. Rays has shown great flexibility in responding to the needs of its partners even during a health emergency, ensuring continuity of services with the aim of developing initiatives to respond to the needs of the medical sector.


Surgical gloves – The whole range has now reached the highest level of safety and professionalism being able to assure optimal protection

Examination gloves – The gloves comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 for Medical Devices and to the EU Regulation 2016/425 for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), based on the tests conducted in compliance with the technical product standards EN 455 I-IIIII- IV, EN 420, EN ISO 374-1, EN ISO 374-5, EN 16523-1:2015, and if passed there are indicated the conformities to the ASTM F 1670 -1671.

Needles and syringes – A wide range of products, classified as medical devices of Class IIa, includes syringes with needle and without needle, insulin syringes, hypodermic needles and scalp vein sets.

Devices for diabetic therapy –  It includes, in addition to the standard and safety insulin syringes, insulin pen needles, for the insulin administration, suitable for all the insulin pens available, made in colour code for an easy size identification and standard and safety lancets, for blood sampling and glycaemia self-testing. Both available in a wide range of sizes, allowing to choose the needle size suitable for all kinds of therapies.

Infusion therapy devices – All the high quality components have been designed to ensure a high level performance also by combined usage with other devices. Therefore the derived systems are distinguished by their high capacity of modularity, accuracy and precision. Everything ensures the highest security standards both for the patient and the staff.

Diagnostic – includes thermometers, urine and stool containers and gel for ultrasound machines.

Traditional dressing products – sterile and non-sterile products, as follows: cutting and folded, cotton and non-woven gauze swabs, gauze lap sponges, gauze balls, cotton wool, sterile adhesive wound dressings and non-sterile adhesive tape rolls

Non- woven fabric protective apparel – The range of Rays products, made of non-woven fabrics, assures the highest safety level for the medical staff, thanks to high absorbency, impermeability and water repellency qualities. A wide range of products designed for surgeons, nurses and visitors, able to provide the most specific solution for every level of protection’s requirements, always ensuring the highest quality level.

Manufacturer’s website: www.rays.it

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