Welcome to Lemis

Lemis GmbH is established in 1992, in Austria, Vienna. Since then, we have been conducting business in the fields of medicine and pharmaceutical industries. We are servicing our clients in Austria but are also perfectly located to successfully carry out business in the SEE markets.

During this period, Lemis has not only managed to develop an image in the market of reliable company that provides top quality services, but also of an innovator and valuable source of up-to-date information regarding the developments in the medicine and pharmaceutical industries. Having a role of a mediator between EU companies and the SEE countries has enabled us to provide significant contribution to the development of medicine and pharmaceutical fields in these markets.

We are happy to be able to offer our clients products and services in the following fields:

Consumables for Medicine

We are proud to be able to present to our customers first-class products and allow them to carry out their everyday jobs in maximum safety and comfort.

Devices for Medicine

We supply our clients with the equipment that can enable them to manage their infectious waste effectively and safely, as well as all the devices they need for laboratory work.

Dental Material

Having the experience of supplying various types of laboratories for the last twenty years, we can answer any demand, or solve any kind of problem. The client orientated philosophy ensured our clientele that all their requirements will be dealt with successfully and they do not have to spend time and resources searching for solutions to their every single demand.

Pharmaceutical Production

We offer devices and solutions for pharmaceutical production from the leading companies in this field.                         

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