FGM Dental Group -
Leader in dental whitening

Proudly Brazilian and present in more than 100 countries, FGM is a pioneer in the manufacture of whitening gels in Brazil, with the widely renowned Whiteness line, and synonymous with global excellence.

FGM Dental Group is the winner of Dental Advisor’s (USA) Top Award, three years in a row, in 2020., 2021., and 2022., for their whitening gel Whiteness Perfect 16%

FGM Dental Group – Leader in dental whitening

Its wide portfolio includes 400 products in various applications, such as tooth whitening, biomaterials, implants, composites, adhesives, cements, fiberglass posts and finishing and polishing materials.

Founded in 1996 on a solid base of research and development, FGM operates with state-of-the-art technology and science applied to its processes, creating, and offering safe and differentiated solutions for complete oral rehabilitation and esthetics. For this purpose, it invests heavily in partnerships with renowned professors, universities, and national and international research centres.

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